Keysmash Your Way To Convincing Hacker Code, Just Like In The Movies

Hacking can’t be that hard, can it? At least, that’s what it seems like thanks to movies like Hackers, The Net and that last Die Hard flick. Even the Jurassic Park girl’s got some game. They all seem to type at 20wps, yet can generate a screen full of code in the blink of an eye. Amazing. As long as they’re some isolated computer nerd who’s glued to their PC all day long (which is pretty much all of us these days, thanks Internet), they’re a bona fide hacker.

But in real life, it isn’t that easy. Or is it?

You really don’t need any programming skills to act like a convincing hacker. What’s a programming language? What does that code mean? Who cares. As long as you know how to keysmash your keyboard, you can successfully generate some realistic hacking code from a bunch of random strokes, just like in the movies.

See it in action below, then go to the Hacker Typer website and start keysmashing!


Via Keysmash Your Way to Convincing Hacker Code, Just Like in the Movies on WonderHowTo.