A Key Australian Federal Senator Wants To Legalise Cannabis And Other Drugs

David Ramos/Getty Images

Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm says organised crime can be curbed through the decriminalisation of hard and soft drugs.

The NSW Senator believes selling marijuana in supermarkets and making hard drugs – such as cocaine and heroin – available for purchase from the Government are major reforms that could potentially freeze the power of Australian crime syndicates, News Corp reported.

Leyonhjelm says Australia should open up the drugs market and slash prices, saying the ability to take drugs was an “individual, adult choice”.

However, he says: “I’m not saying they’re safe, I don’t recommend them, advise them, endorse them, no,” he said.

The Senator said cannabis should be grown and farmed in a similar fashion to fruit and vegetables and anyone should have the right to do plant the weed in their garden.

He said the same rules could apply to party drugs, such as ecstasy, as long as the risk and onus is on the person taking the drugs.

Hard drugs would fall under a “harm minimisation” model, with the Government providing replacement drugs to addicts.

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