The Last Couple Years Of Kevin Systrom's Life, As Told Through His Instagram Photos

Kevin Systrom's birthday party flaming cocktail

Photo: Instagram

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom made $400 million today when he sold his company Instagram to Facebook for $1 billion.What was his life like leading up to the deal?

And what was his life like when he first launched Instagram less than two years ago?

We checked photos that he posted on Instagram and then tweeted about.

In the months leading up to the deal, he spent time a lot of time in the snow and spent a fair amount of time drinking cocktails.

He also seems to love taking pictures of clouds and the sky. Check it out:


January 30, 2012: #commute

January 18, 2012: Just posted a photo @ L'Ermitage Beverly Hills

The company only had 13 employees. Here's a look at who they are...

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