Masseur files lawsuit against Kevin Spacey accusing him of sexual battery and false imprisonment

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  • Kevin Spacey is being sued for false imprisonment and sexual battery in a lawsuit filed earlier this week.
  • The lawsuit stems from an alleged incident at his Malibu, California, home in 2016.
  • Spacey is already being investigated by police in the US and UK over other alleged sexual assaults.

Actor Kevin Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting a male masseur at his house in Malibu, California, according to a lawsuit stemming from an alleged incident from 2016.

In a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week by a John Doe masseuse, Spacey is being sued for unspecified damages over false imprisonment and sexual battery claims.

“Spacey assaulted and battered plaintiff by forcing plaintiff to touch his scrotum, testicles, and penis, grabbing plaintiff’s shoulders and pulling him in for an apparent attempted forced kiss, and grabbing plaintiff’s genitalia,” the lawsuit says.

Spacey is already being investigated by police in the US and UK over other alleged sexual assaults.

The lawsuit filed this week claimed Spacey’s conduct was “extreme and outrageous” and that he “acted with reckless disregard for plaintiff’s rights and feelings.”

The masseuse claimed that because of the alleged incident, he still suffers from “severe mental anguish, emotional pain and distress, fear, humiliation, grief, embarrassment, nervousness, worry, anger, frustration, helplessness, nervousness, sadness, stress, mental and emotional distress, and anxiety.”

He said he reported the incident to police, but the Los Angeles Police Department refused to confirm that it had been reported to The Guardian.

Spacey was first accused of sexual misconduct by actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed he was 14 when Spacey, then 26, made a sexual advance to him.

Spacey, now 59, said he did not remember the incident but apologised for “inappropriate drunken behaviour.”

The actor has since been fired by Netflix’s “House of Cards” and removed from Ridley Scott’s film, “All the Money in the World.”

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