Kevin Smith: I'm Going To Save The Weinstein Company

Kevin Smith’s controversial Zack and Miri Make a Porno is already getting good reviews and Smith tells Variety at the Toronto Film Festival (video below) that he’d love to be the man who saves The Weinstein Company.

“I’d love to be Quentin version two,” he says. Because Miramax was always known as the house that Quentin built and under The Weinstein Company, they don’t have that yet. It would be nice if this [movie] would be it.”

He’s already confident that Zack and Miri will be his highest-grossing film as a director, but he doesn’t know if that will be the case for TWC, and it probably won’t be Knocked Up star Seth Rogen’s highest-grossing movie.

Smith also talks more about the appeals process that got him the R rating, which he likens to the second half of Law & Order, except you’re not prosecuting, you’re defending your film. He notes that they won by one more vote than the required two-thirds majority.

He also drops a blind item about the casting process, saying that he originally approached an actor he knows and loves to play Justin Long’s character, believing the movie would break him. The guy turned the role down though, because the film has “porno” in the title and he has a kid. Hmmm…who was it?

Finally, Smith claims Brandon Routh insisted Warner Bros. wouldn’t be upset with “Superman” playing a porn star. He doesn’t have a morals clause in his contract with the studio, but he does have to check with them if he wants to play another superhero.



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