Kevin Rudd Was Out Campaigning Today Wearing ... A Blue Tie


Amid all the talk of ties going around today, it’s worth noting that alleged Prime Ministerial hopeful Kevin Rudd was out campaigning today in – you guessed it – a blue one.

Despite denying the wardrobe choice was a thinly-veiled swipe at the woman who took his job — current PM Julia Gillard — it’s caused speculation.

“Like most blokes in the country I have no sense of fashion,” he said in the fragile seat of Barton, in Sydney’s south west, according to News Limited.

“I rely on Therese [his wife] to buy my ties for me … and frankly, if I had to get rid of all my blue ties, I’d lose about a third of them,” Fairfax reported him saying.

Here’s a photo snapped by Michaela Whitbourn from the AFR:

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