Kevin Rudd Shuts Down Pastor After Being Asked Why He Supports Gay Marriage

Last night on The ABC’s Q & A program, a man who said he was a church pastor asked the PM why he changed his views on gay marriage.

“You seem to keep chopping and changing your beliefs, just to get a popular vote,” the man said.

Rudd, who is a practicing Anglican, shut the guy down — launching a passionate defence of marriage equality in the process.

The pastor said: “Jesus said a man shall leave his father and mother, and be married … and that’s the biblical definition.”

“I just believe in what the bible says.”

Rudd told the man, who also works for a Christian radio station, that it was kind of silly to take the words of the bible literally, since it also “says slavery is a natural condition.”

“I concluded in my conscience, an informed conscience … and a christian conscience that it was the right thing to do,” the PM said.

“I do not believe people, when they are born, choose their sexuality.”

Rudd then said that if you do not believe sexuality is a choice, it is wrong to deny same sex couples legal recognition.

Its caused a bit of a stir, with the PM winning a lot of praise on social media.

Several months before he returned to the Labor Party leadership, as a backbench MP Rudd wrote an essay about why he changed his views to support marriage equality.

Labor MPs are allowed a conscience vote on the issue. The Coalition supports the traditional definition of marriage and does not allow one.

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