Kevin Rudd Says He Does Not Want To Replace Ban Ki-Moon At The United Nations

Photo: Getty / Brendon Thorne

Former PM Kevin Rudd was asked on British television if he wanted to replace the United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon.

The former Labor leader has been actively debating international relations since losing the September federal election.

“You can’t go around and talk about things I’ve been talking about now for 30 years without a motivation being attached to it?” Rudd said on British television’s Channel 4.

“I’m big supporter of the United Nations but I don’t think that position’s going to be headed down under.

“I see myself as a small player on very much a larger stage which is concerned about the future prosperity and stability of the world.”

While he denied he had eyes on the UN’s top jobs, Rudd did say he thought Julie Gillard had been subject to sexism while she was PM.

There’s more here.

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