Kevin Rudd Ripped Off Barack Obama's Stunt Of Giving A Schoolkid A Sick Note

A note Kevin Rudd gave a kid excusing him from school during his visit to Rockhampton yesterday is almost exactly the same as a note Barack Obama gave to a kid last year in Minnesota.

There are differences. The Australian Prime Minister’s note is less stylish and, predictably for Rudd, significantly more wordy. And it’s written on a tattered piece of paper torn from a notebook, while Obama’s was written on gold-embossed presidential stationary.

Rudd’s reads: “Dear Miss Hollis, Please make sure that Mason doesn’t cop it because he was away for the day. He was with me and his mum in Rocky. All the best, Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister.” Here’s the Instagram post:

Obama’s said simply: “Mr Ackerman – Please excuse Tyler… He was with me!”

Here’s the Obama note:

Australian politicians and their strategists always look keenly at what has been working across the Pacific for inspiration in terms of tactics and strategy, with a focus in recent years on the Democrats’ phenomenal success in using social media to engage voters. But there’s a line, and this crosses it. Pathetically.

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