Kevin Rudd Put The Former US Defence Secretary To Sleep With A Speech

You had me at detailed programmatic specificity’ Kevzzzz… photo: Getty Images

Former US defence secretary Robert Gates once fell asleep during a speech given by Kevin Rudd.

Rudd, who was leader of the Labor Party until after the September election, is not known for his rousing oration.

But this is still an interesting nugget from Gates upcoming book, which we saw at the SMH.

To be fair though, most people would get a little drowsy after some wine, painkillers and a history lesson.

“At a very nice dinner given in my honour by Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, I was doing fine at table conversation until Rudd began a long soliloquy on the history of Australia.

“I had made it just past World War I when the combined effect of a painkiller, jet lag, and a glass of wine caused me to fall asleep,” Gates writes.

“This led to not-so-subtle attempts by my American colleagues at the table to rouse me.”

There’s more here.

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