Kevin Rudd Just Landed In Moscow And Wants To Meet President Putin's Advisors

Getty/Stefan Postles

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has reportedly landed in Moscow with plans to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top advisers.

The West Australian reports:

Mr Rudd contacted the Australian Embassy in Moscow this week, asking that he be picked up at the airport.

He asked Australian diplomats to organise a meeting with Mr Putin’s foreign affairs adviser.

The reason for Rudd’s visit is still unclear. Diplomats claim he is trying to “deal himself” into crisis talks regarding the situation with Ukraine, but Rudd’s spokeswoman said the trip was planned more than a month ago.

She said Rudd is working on a Harvard Kennedy School Project on China’s future role in the global order.

“Mr Rudd is meeting with think tanks and other officials in Europe including the UK and Russia on this and broader foreign policy interests,” the spokeswoman told the West Australian.

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