Kevin Rudd Is The First Australian Prime Minister To Support Same-Sex Marriage Openly

Getty / File

Re-installed Labor leader Kevin Rudd will now be the first Australian Prime Minister to support gay marriage.

In May this year, while he was publicly saying there was no chance of him returning to the Labor leadership, he wrote a blog post declaring he had changed his mind on the issue.

Getty / Matt Roberts

The post outlined in detail his reasons for changing his mind. (Read: Here’s Kevin Rudd’s Detailed Logic For Changing His Mind On Gay Marriage)

It’s one issue that Rudd can expect to be asked about in the coming days and his answer will be watched closely by the marriage equality movement.

Labor MPs have been allowed a conscience vote on the floor of parliament and the official ALP platform now supports marriage equality. But it will be fascinating to see how Rudd carries this discussion with his party and what promises he makes to the electorate — even if, with Labor so far behind in the polls, it’s a long way from anything actually changing in legislation at this stage.

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