Kevin Rudd flew to Sydney hoping to discuss his UN bid with the PM, but Turnbull wouldn't even meet him

Screenshot: YouTube

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd was this morning hoping he would secure the Turnbull government’s support for his bid to become secretary-general of the United Nations.

But on arrival he got a phone call from prime minister Malcolm Turnbull explaining there would be no support for his bid – and not even a meeting.

Rudd revealed the humiliating snub by Turnbull in a statement posted on Facebook a short time ago.

Here’s the crucial excerpt:

Mr Rudd flew to Sydney this morning requesting a meeting with the Prime Minister, having sought such a meeting the previous evening.

On arrival in Sydney Mr Turnbull telephoned Mr Rudd, indicating there was no opportunity for a meeting.

Mr Turnbull stated he would not be nominating Mr Rudd as a candidate for UN Secretary General.

It is a pity the Government has not seen fit to support him, as the Hawke Government supported Malcolm Fraser for the post of Secretary General of the Commonwealth, or the Howard Government supported Gareth Evans to be head of UNESCO.

Turnbull announced earlier today he had decided not to back his predecessor’s UN bid to succeed Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, who steps down after a decade on January 1, 2017.

Turnbull said he concluded that Rudd was “not suited” to the position and denied it was a partisan decision.

“Do we believe, do I as prime minister believe, that Mr Rudd is well suited for that role?” Turnbull said. “My considered judgement is that he is not. Not everyone is well suited for every role.”

The PM said it was “no disparagement of Mr Rudd”.

“This has nothing to do with his party. Absolutely nothing,” Turnbull said.

Here’s the full statement:

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