Kevin Rudd Could Be Called Before An Inquiry Into Home Insulation Which Begins Today

Getty/Stefan Postles

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd, as well as former Labor MP Peter Garrett could be called before an inquiry into a home insulation scheme which has been linked to the deaths of four tradesmen.

The inquiry begins in Brisbane today and will examine whether the deaths, which occurred after the men worked on government-subsidised home insulation projects, could have been avoided.

According to The Australian it has not been confirmed whether Rudd and Garrett will need to give evidence, though funding has been allocated for legal counsel for former ministers who are compelled to appear. Rudd’s office declined to comment.

There are, according to the report, letters sent between the former PM and his environment minister which raise issues with the insulation scheme. It is expected this correspondence will be a key piece of evidence.

The insulation scheme, which cost around $2.5 billion, was also linked to a number of house fires. A previous coronial inquiry found three of the workers had been given inadequate training.

There is more here.

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