Labor Amps Up Negative Attacks As Campaign Stalls

From the ‘If he wins, you lose’ ALP ad

Kevin Rudd and Labor have ramped up attack ads on Tony Abbott and the coalition with three weeks left to go in the federal election campaign.

Newspoll this morning in The Australian has support for Kevin Rudd at record lows, with his personal support below the level it was when he was ousted by Julia Gillard in 2010.

Labor’s campaign has been flagging, with the Coalition widening its lead on the two-party-preferred measure and marginal seat polling showing that the ALP is facing a seemingly impossible task in its attempt to retain government.

There’s been some reorganisation in the campaign leadership this weekend after reports of confusion between campaign headquarters in Melbourne and the strategists travelling with Kevin Rudd. This morning The Oz also reports open opposition from at least one senior ALP executive to the party’s preference deal with the Greens.

The campaign is not in chaos but there is clearly discontent in the ranks with its direction. Despite Rudd’s promise when he was re-elected leader to end the “wall-to-wall negativity” in politics, new campaign ads rolled out over the weekend show a fearful voter asking what Abbott has to hide, and another warning of thousands of job losses and billions in government spending cuts.

On the ALP’s YouTube home page this morning, the main clip starts with Kevin Rudd saying “I know for sure that the old politics of negativity just won’t work.”

And below it’s there’s a playlist titled: “Tony Abbott, he’s just too big a risk,” and the clips below are “Tony Abbott’s business tax hike – don’t risk him”, “Tony Abbott’s archaic views”, “The facts on Tony Abbott’s record as health minister.” The list goes on.

Here’s the “If he wins” ad, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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