Digg Founder’s No-Product Startup Raises Big Round From Silicon Valley Royalty

Kevin Rose

Digg’s founder Kevin Rose has moved on to another project: a startup/incubator for mobile apps called Milk. The company has just raised a $1.5 million round from basically everybody who counts in Silicon Valley. The round was announced on TechCrunch, whose founder Mike Arrington participated in the round.

The investors are: Ron Conway, Tim Ferriss, Dave Morin, Philip Rosedale, Evan Williams, Shervin Pishevar, Joshua Schachter, Anthony Casalena, Ashton Kutcher, Philip Kaplan, Chris Sacca, Gary Vanyerchuk, Tony Hsieh, Chamath Palihapitiya, Matt Mullenweg, Don Dodge, Matt Williams, Tony Conrad via True Ventures, Rob Hayes Floodgate’s Mike Maples and Greylock’s David Sze. Most of these are also investors in Digg.

Milk has also hired some talented engineers and investors. Now all it needs is a product.

It shows how investing in startups is more about people than anything else. Despite the fact that Kevin Rose’s Digg has been faltering of late, falling behind Reddit, Rose did build a big success and it’s a very reasonable bet hat he’ll build something big the next time around, too.

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