Here's Why Kevin Rose Won't Invest In A 'Pinterest For Cats'

Kevin Rose DisruptKevin Rose on stage at Disrupt

Photo: Julie Bort/Business Insider

Famous entrepreneur and Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose just explained his role at the investment company.He’s looking for big, game-changing ideas, and will only choose about one per month, out of 10-15 pitches a week, he said at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco.

Here’s what he doesn’t want: “Pinterest for cats”—or other ideas that iterate on an existing trend.

“They’re not the leader in their space, and doesn’t give me much confidence in where they can take their startup,” he said.

“I’d be lying if I’d said I have this grand vision,” he said when asked what kinds of companies he’s looking for. “I don’t want to do the Pinterest for cats … or a modification” on something that’s already done, he said.

Instead he’s looking for “big ideas,” and not a lot of them.

“I don’t do a lot of deals,” Rose said. “I’m not like an index investor doing 50-75 deals a year. I pare down the total number of the deals. I’ll do 10-12 deals a year.”

He wants to get heavily involved in every startup he invests in, so his concern is spreading himself too thin.

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