Kevin Love reportedly came under fire in a heated Cavs meeting, and the team is still said to be 'divided'

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost five of their past six games and the locker room is said to be divided as to who is to blame for their struggles.
  • Some Cavaliers players were reportedly frustrated with Kevin Love during a heated team meeting, accusing him of faking an illness to get out of Saturday’s blowout loss to the Thunder.
  • The exchange is just the latest in a series of locker room dramas that have taken over the NBA in recent weeks.

All is not well within the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room.

Amid the toughest stretch of the Cavs’ season in which the team has lost five of their last six games, blame has reportedly been passed around the locker room, with players pointing fingers at each other, the coaching staff, Cavs ownership, and most recently, Kevin Love.

According to a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cavaliers held an ’emotional’ team meeting on Monday, at which teammates accused Love of faking an illness on Saturday to get out of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He subsequently also missed practice on Sunday, citing the same illness.

Wojnarowski noted that the meeting was “loud and intense” and “fiery” as Love’s teammates called him out for leaving the arena early on Saturday while the rest of the Cavaliers were busy losing to the Thunder, 148-124. During an appearance on “SportsCenter,” Wojnarowski described a locker room that is “divided” with a lot of “finger-pointing.”

“It is bad right now in that Cleveland locker room,” Wojnarowski said. “It is divided and there is a tremendous amount of finger-pointing going on right now.”

Once Love’s teammates had said their piece during the meeting, he had a chance to explain himself, and by Wojnarowski’s reporting, the Cavs took him at his word, but the locker room still remains divided.

There was a sense that the team was largely accepting of Love’s explanation, and that the airing out of issues could have a positive impact on what has become an increasingly fractured locker room. Within factions of the locker room, there has been blame for the Cavaliers’ struggles directed at everyone from Love to Isaiah Thomas, to Lue and the front office, led by Altman, and owner Dan Gilbert, league sources said.

You can watch Wojnarowski break down the Cavaliers recent struggles along with Brian Windhorst and other ESPN reporters below.

Even with Love’s controversy now hopefully in the rearview mirror, it sounds like the Cavaliers still have a long way to go of they hope to make yet another run to the NBA Finals this season.

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