A Jonas Brother Has A New App That Looks Just Like Yo, And He's Been Meeting With Investors

Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joe JonasGetty ImagesFrom left: Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas.

The oldest Jonas Brother, (Paul) Kevin Jonas II, has a new app, Yood.

Yood looks exactly like Yo, a simple notification app that went viral over the summer. But Yood isn’t a messaging app. Instead, the buttons are types of food like “Sushi,” “Mexican,” or “Indian.”

When you press the button, the app will display a nearby venue serving that type of food, along with the venue’s Yelp rating and phone number in case you would like to call and place an order. Yood doesn’t actually deliver the food for you. It’s more of a quick, local craving search.

One venture capitalist Jonas met with says the singer isn’t sure he’s going to raise money for the app.

Thanks to his star power, Jonas was able to get Yood downloaded 10,000 times in its first 12 hours. His initial tweet was retweeted more than 650 times. The app launched in mid-October.

“Our goal is to take the search out of searching!” Jonas wrote on the iTunes description. “Now you can save your index fingers for much more important things like Candy Crush or stalking your ex-girlfriend’s Instagram feed instead of endlessly searching.”

Here are some screenshots.

Alena has her customised @YoodApp do you have yours??

Une photo publiƩe par Kevin Jonas (@kevinjonas) on Oct. 10, 2014 at 8:34 PDT

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