Kevin Hart is still upset about his awkward rejection from the Eagles' celebration at the Super Bowl

ESPNKevin Hart was rejected from the Super Bowl trophy stage by a much larger security guard.
  • Kevin Hart was famously rejected from the trophy presentation stage after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.
  • Hart could be seen on TV being pushed away by a large security guard as the trophy passed next to him.
  • Eight months later, Hart is still upset about the moment, calling it “personal.”

Philadelphia native Kevin Hart was just a happy Eagles fan after Super Bowl LII, but that glee quickly turned sour thanks to some tequila, his attempt to join the trophy celebration, and a large security person who wasn’t having it.

After the Eagles completed their first Super Bowl victory, 41-33 over the New England Patriots, a drunk Hart tried to crash the trophy presentation only to be rejected by security with a firm hand to the chest.

On Wednesday, Hart was a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up” to promote his new movie, “Night School.” Hart was playing a word-association game with host Mike Greenberg when the awkward Super Bowl moment was brought up.

Hart is still upset and didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

“I’m still upset,” Hart said. “The hand on the chest, still not getting up there with the trophy, It’s a lot. It’s personal. Just keep going.”

At the time, fans roasted Hart on social media.

When Greenberg asked Hart if he had seen the video a lot, he was able to find a moment of levity in the part that made him most upset.

“I’ve seen it a lot, but that’s what pisses me off the most,” Hart said. “The whole reason I was going up there was to get to the trophy. I had no idea the trophy went right by me (while arguing with security). I literally had no idea. All I had to do was turn around, and it was right there.”

You can see Hart’s comments here, via ESPN, including the source of his courage – 1942 tequila:

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