Kevin Durant's first attempt at fitting in with the Warriors went spectacularly awry

We’re already getting glimpses of what the re-tooled Golden State Warriors will look like during the US Men’s National Basketball Team scrimmages.

Though Stephen Curry is sitting out the Olympics, new Warrior Kevin Durant is playing alongside Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and already trying to pick up some of the Warriors’ habits.

During Tuesday’s scrimmage between Team USA and China, Durant drove the lane and threw a nice pass to a wide open Kyle Lowry in the corner. As Warriors players are wont to do, Durant then threw his hands up in celebration, played with the crowd, and began running the other way before the shot went up, assuming it would go in.

Unfortunately for Durant, Lowry missed the three-pointer.

This is one of the cockier examples of this mishap, mostly because Durant was waving the crowd on, confident the shot was going down. In past examples, players might begin running the other way, but rarely do they gesture as obviously as Durant.

Durant does have company, however. His former teammate Steven Adams once celebrated Durant’s own three too early.

LeBron James wasn’t successful at it, either.

For the finale, we turn it over to former Warriors center Andrew Bogut for a lesson in this celebration. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this is that it’s much easier to pull of this celebration when you get to kick the ball out to Stephen Curry. Durant will have that chance this season. 

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