Kevin Durant Made People Freak Out With A 4-Word Tweet About Going Home

Though NBA MVP Kevin Durant won’t be a free agent until 2016, people are already highly anticipating the end of his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Durant is from Washington D.C. 

The speculation about him returning home began in earnest after LeBron James went home to Cleveland this summer. The Washington Wizards have a good young team and will have cap space in 2016, which makes Durant-to-D.C. at least plausible. In addition, Durant sent Wizards fans into a tizzy in July when he gushed about his hometown and didn’t rule out leaving OKC

For the next two years every single Durant quote and decision will be examined and reexamined for its implications on the theory that he’ll return home.

Monday morning we got a perfect example of this. Durant set the NBA world ablaze with a four-wood tweet to an ESPN journalist who asked him about D.C. 

“Just wait on it.”

It could mean Durant plans to come home, or it could mean that he’s going to make similar commercial to LeBron James’ Akron-centric Beats commercial.

Many have chosen to believe the former. Twitter blew up with the hashtag #KD2DC. Fans really think he’s going to the Wizards:

The whole thing sparked a Twitter fight between journalists, too. 

Basketball Insider’s Alex Kennedy accidentally didn’t realise that is Britt McHenry is an ESPN reporter, not a fan:

He didn’t mean anything by it:

But then Sam Amico of Fox Sports got involved and tweeted (which he has since deleted): “Reason no. 273 to kiss journalism goodbye. Don’t kid yourself. Anyone who tweets that at an athlete is a fan.”

McHenry shot back:

Amid the chaos, Durant told Kennedy that the tweet was about the commercial, not him going back to D.C.:


Again, Durant won’t become a free agent until 2016. He still has two more season to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the excitement for his free agency is already nearing hysteria.

In recent years, the free agencies of LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony have become giant months-long spectacles. If the hype around Durant is this big two years before his contract expires, it could become absurd when he’s actually able to sign with another team.

This sums it up:

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