Kevin Durant Set To Star On The Big Screen

Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder NBA

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The Oklahoma City Thunder forward is set to star in a “major Warner Bros. film,” The Oklahoman reports.Featuring a “basketball subplot,” the still unnamed film is set to hit production in mid-September, or right when training camp is set to start.

Chances are slim Durant will face conflicting schedules, unless of course he decides to take his talents to Turkey.

This is just the latest in a series of moves to raise Durant’s public profile.

Already an endorser for sports industry giants Nike, EA Sports and Gatorade, Durant has made his presence known since season’s end. He’s toured China. And wowed playground crowds across the country. 

Can Durant’s abilities translate to the silver screen? Few have done it successfully (see: Shaq, Kazaam). 

But if his performance as Velvet Hoop is any indication, get your popcorn ready.