Kevin Durant ‘liked’ an Instagram comment criticising Russell Westbrook and called it an accident

  • Kevin Durant “liked” an Instagram comment that called Russell Westbrook the “problem” on the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Durant called the incident an accident.
  • Durant has had past questionable social media use in which it appeared he was criticising his former Thunder teammates.

Kevin Durant on Monday appeared to get himself in hot water on social media by “liking” an Instagram comment that criticised Russell Westbrook.

A user noticed that Durant liked a comment from another user who argued that Westbrook’s play was the reason the Oklahoma City Thunder did not win a championship with Durant.

“‘Subpar,'” the comment said. “The problem was Westbrook. They had a good a– team.”

ESPN’s Royce Young reported that Durant said it was an accident.

Some in the NBA were spectacle of Durant’s excuse, noting that it is not particularly easy to “like” comments on Instagram – users must click on the comments of an Instagram, then like the comment separately.

The incident is noteworthy, not only for the ongoing rivalry between Durant and Westbrook but also for Durant’s past questionable social media use. In the previous offseason,Durant tweeted from his account that he left the Thunder because the team around him wasn’t good enough, but wrote the tweet in the third person. Many believed that Durant meant to tweet from a second account, leading some to say he was using a “burner” account. Durant said he was merely confused when he woke up from a nap.

The Thunder and Warriors can’t meet until a potential Western Conference Finals matchup, but it doesn’t appear the rivalry will die anytime soon.