'He's downstairs -- you can go ask him': Kevin Durant challenged Charles Barkley to go talk to Draymond Green after calling him 'annoying'

  • Charles Barkley asked Kevin Durant on Sunday whether Draymond Green was “as annoying in person as he is on television.”
  • Durant challenged Barkley to go downstairs and ask Green himself.
  • The rest of the “Inside the NBA” crew took Durant’s side as Barkley’s postseason feud with Green continued.

Kevin Durant was in no mood on Sunday to play along with Charles Barkley’s jabs at Draymond Green.

After the Golden State Warriors routed the Houston Rockets, 126-85, in Game 3 on Sunday, Durant joined the TNT “Inside the NBA” set to discuss the game.

Midway through the interview, Barkley asked Durant, “Is Draymond Green as annoying in person as he is on television?”

The question was a callback to when Barkley said earlier in the playoffs that he wished someone would punch Green in the face. Green fired back, saying Barkley should talk to him, and Barkley later apologised for the comments – while maintaining that Green is annoying.

On Sunday, however, Durant took Green’s side.

“You should go talk to him – he’s downstairs,” Durant told Barkley with a straight face.

The rest of the “Inside the NBA” crew seemed to take Durant’s side as well. Shaquille O’Neal told Durant that “he ain’t gonna do it” and that “he’s going to apologise to him.”

Kenny Smith asked Barkley what about Green annoyed him, adding that he wasn’t annoying to Durant.

Durant only repeated, “I mean, he’s downstairs – you can go ask him.”

O’Neal told Barkley, “You may run down, but you’re going to walk back, Cletus.”

Barkley attempted to repeat the question, then decided to lay off his attack.

Watch the exchange below:

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