Kevin Durant stumbled upon an incredible All-Star Game idea

Kevin Durant has missed 27 out of 49 games this year, leading many to argue that he shouldn’t have been picked for the All-Star game.

He made it anyway in the place of guys like Damian Lillard, DeMarcus Cousins (originally), and Mike Conley.

When asked about those who think he shouldn’t be on the team, he stumbled upon perhaps the greatest All-Star Game wrinkle ever: have the guys play 1-on-1 for All-Star team spots.

We think Durant was just boasting here, his point being that he should be on the team because he’s better than everyone else when he’s actually on the court. But we want this to be a real thing.

Durant vs. Lillard 1-on-1 on the Saturday night before the All-Star game would be amazing. Winner makes the team. Yes. Let’s do this.

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