Kesha accused a man of sexual assault, and her career might be over because of it

Kesha is begging a court to let her record music again, saying that if she doesn’t her career will be over.

The singer can’t make new songs because of a legal battle with her producer, Dr. Luke, and it has brought her career to a standstill.

Kesha sued Dr. Luke for sexual assault in 2014. He sued her back, claiming that the singer tried to extort him into voiding their contract.

Now, Kesha is saying that her career is “effectively over” unless she can make new music immediately. In order to record new songs, she needs a judge to let her work with collaborators besides Dr. Luke.

Kesha even submitted an affidavit from Universal exec Jim Urie stating that “she has not been recording, touring, or able to market merchandise for nearly a year — an eternity in the industry.”

He continues that “no mainstream distribution company will invest the money necessary to distribute songs for an artist who has fallen from the public eye, as is happening to Kesha at this very moment. Accordingly, if Kesha cannot immediately resume recording and having her music promoted, marketed, and distributed by a major label, her career is effectively over.”

The last song to feature Kesha’s voice was Pitbull’s 2013 hit “Timber,” and her last studio album, “Warrior,” came out in 2012.

Story by Aly Weisman, editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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