Kerobokan Jail Boss Promises A Quick Release Process For Schapelle

Schapelle Corby is sentenced to prison in 2005 / Getty

Tonight could be Schapelle Corby’s last night in Kerobokan jail after nine year imprisonment, if her parole documents arrive in Bali tomorrow.

The head of the Bali prison has said he will ensure the process is as quick as possible for Corby who is expected to be met by a media frenzy and angry locals on release.

Corby will live with her sister Mercedes and brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha while on parole, and is said to have a job in bikini design lined up with Widyartha’s surf shop.

The chief of Bali’s corrections board, Ketut Artha has said her welfare and behaviour will be monitored after her release, as well as snap inspections of the family compound to ensure it is abiding by her parole regulations.

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