Kenyan Olympic athletes were stuck in rundown accommodations in Rio while officials looked for cheaper flights

Though the Rio Olympics may already feel like an ancient memory, that’s not the case for the Kenyan Olympic squad, which is still stuck in Rio.

Despite the games ending on Sunday, Kenyan Olympians were still in Rio as of Thursday morning, forced to stay in rundown accommodations after being kicked out of the Olympic Village.

According to Kenyan marathon runner Wesley Korir, the Kenyan Olympic committee was looking for cheaper flights home.

Korir documented the experience on Twitter.

He also posted a video.

And the explanation for still being in Rio.

Korir also said that gunshots rang out overnight and the team was told to stay indoors. 

According to the BBC, the Kenyan Olympic committee was disbanded by the government on Thursday. Korir had said he would demand action upon returning home.

Although Kenya won 13 medals at the games, including six gold, they also faced several controversies, including two coaches who were sent home over doping tests. 

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