Kentucky Couple Accused Of Selling Military Electronics To China

A couple in Union, Kentucky has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly selling prohibited military-grade electronics to China.

Louis and Rosemary Brothers, who own Valley Forge Composite Technologies, came under investigation after the State Department received information they had used the company to provide International Traffic in Arms Regulations items to China, according to the Associated Press.

“The FBI is dedicated to detect, deter and defeat the threat posed by state sponsored groups, individuals and organisations attempting to illicitly acquire technology,” the agency said in a statement released after the arrests.

The couple was booked and then released on bond, and the company website appeared to be taken down, according to WLWT 5 Cincinnati. It was unclear what the specific items in question were.

Valley Forge Composite Technologies is a publicly traded company whose trading was suspended in April by the Security and Exchange Commission due to a lack of current and accurate information about the company, the SEC stated in a release.

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