The Best- And Worst-Dressed Athletes At The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one event where celebrities get the urge to take a huge fashion gamble.

The bigger, more colourful, and more outlandish, the better.

But not everybody can pull it off. This goes for the many athletes, including some sharp looks and some sheer disasters.

BEST: It's not easy for a big guy to look great in a suit, but Ndamukong Suh pulls it off with a bow tie.

WORST: Jason Dufner always looks uncomfortable.

BEST: Bode Miller and his wife looked spectacular in off-white

WORST: Thurman Thomas appeared to be wearing pink velvet loafers.

BEST: Vince Wilfork is another large football player who knows how to wear a suit.

WORST: Dr. J looks like he is wearing a fishing cap.

BEST: Mark Sanchez gets bonus points for not wearing a headband.

WORST: Jay Williams would probably be a BEST ... except if you are going to wear a bow tie, you have to make sure it stays straight.

BEST: Gary Payton's small green rose on his lapel was a nice touch.

WORST: Johnny Weir is almost always a BEST but this hat went too far to the crazy side.

BEST: Kerry Rhodes shows how important fit is with a suit.

WORST: Rick Pitino shows what happens when a suit doesn't fit well.

BEST: Donald Driver also has a crooked bow tie, but the rest of this is just too good.

WORST: EJ Manuel looks like he came straight from eight hours at an office job.

BEST: Avery Johnson and his wife also show how white and off-white draws more attention to a gorgeous Derby hat.

WORST: Russ Smith decided to wear sneakers with his suit.

BEST: Nerlens Noel proves that the best accessory is almost always a cute kid.

WORST: Scottie Pippen's sunglasses are distracting from an otherwise solid-looking couple.

BEST: Warren Moon showed that men can also look sharp in a hat at the Derby.

WORST: Meanwhile, Ken Griffey Jr.'s hat looked like a last-second bad idea.

BEST: Kris Humphries always looks sharp.

WORST: Sacramento mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson had so many patterns and colours.

Of course, the best-dressed athlete was California Chrome, who looked gorgeous draped in roses.

And then there is whatever Joey Fatone was wearing.

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