Here Are The Fabulous Celebrities Kenneth Starr (Allegedly) Ponzied

Yesterday, when the FBI visited Kenneth I Starr’s house to arrest him on the charge of defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme, they found him hiding in his closet.

Today, the number of celebrities he (allegedly) defrauded is skyrocketing.

We count 17 celebs who have just found out that they’re bank accounts are now out the varying amounts of money they had invested with Starr.

At least they still look great!

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman hired Starr to pay her bills and do her taxes. But after she discovered she had lost $1 million to the slick financial adviser, she stormed into his office demanded her money back.

Starr managed to pay the 'Kill Bill' star back the very next day -- by using the money from a former talent agent and the agent's wife, federal prosecutors said yesterday.

Source: NYPost

Caroline Kennedy

Goldie Hawn

A representative for Hawn said she hasn't worked with Starr in many years.

Source: WSJ

There goes Kate Hudson's inheritance

Candice Bergen

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone once sued Starr, saying the money manager had advised him to keep his investment in Planet Hollywood restaurants while advising others the chain was headed for bankruptcy. The suit was eventually settled.

Source: NYPost

Author Donna Tartt

Henry Kissinger

Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad

Martin Scorsese

Starr bragged of his ties to the legendary film director, but Scorsese and his business manager bailed out long before Starr's arrest yesterday.

Source: NYPost

Al Pacino

Isaac Mizrahi

CourtTV founder Steve Brill and his daughter's, Emily Brill's inheritance

Brill had no reason to suspect fraud until yesterday. 'I've done very well' with Starr, he said.

Source: WSJ

Annie Leibovitz

'News of Ken Starr's arrest does not come as a complete surprise to me, and I will follow this story with great interest. Ken Starr no longer represents me and has not for some time.'

Source: People

Billionaire media heir Robert Ziff (of hedge fund Och-Ziff)

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

Former William Morris chairman Jim Wiatt

Ron Howard

Now check out the awesome house Ken Starr lived in

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