The Funniest Fake Kenneth Cole Tweets

kenneth cole

It was all of six hours ago that popular shoe company Kenneth Cole came out with an offensive tweet, trying to tap into the Twitter chatter over Egypt — where the protests have killed over a hundred people already — to sell shoes.

And already the internet is responding in the way it knows best: jokes and parodies. People are mocking the tweet under the hashtag #KennethColeTweets and there’s even a @KennethColePR account, referencing the hilarious fake BP Twitter account, which is already cranking out plenty of hilarious jokes.

First, the original tweet that set this off -- pretty ghastly.

Still on the Egypt theme, referencing that CNN's Anderson Cooper got assaulted

Puns, if you're into that

We're suckers for dark humour.

But the killer (so to speak) is @KennethColePR

More @KennethColePR


Shoes, mending international relations!

More puns

You need to look good to face a cyclone.

Our personal favourite. (Told you, we like dark humour)

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