Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins says Steve Kerr is hypocritical for his 'bad for the league' criticism of Anthony Davis

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  • Conversations around the NBA in recent weeks have surrounded the topic of trade requests.
  • Anthony Davis requested a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers from the New Orleans Pelicans in January and was traded in June for three players and three first-round draft picks.
  • Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called the Anthony Davis trade “bad for the league” and a “real problem that the league has to address” on Wednesday’s episode of “The Warriors Insider Podcast.”
  • The former NBA player Kendrick Perkins tweeted his frustrations about the criticism and appeared on ESPN’s “First Take,” where he called the comments “hypocritical.”
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The topic of conversation around the NBA has revolved around trade requests in recent weeks, and it has resulted in polarising views across the league.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was the most recent person within the NBA to be vocal about it on Wednesday’s episode of “The Warriors Insider Podcast.” Kerr said he took issue with players who do not honour their contracts, particularly situations like that of Anthony Davis.

Davis signed a five-year $US145 million extension with the New Orleans Pelicans in 2015. He had one season remaining on his contract when he requested a trade in January. He was eventually traded in June to the Los Angeles Lakers for three players and three first-round draft picks.

Kerr called the situation a “real problem that the league has to address.”

“To me, when you sign on that dotted line, you owe your effort and your playing to that team,” Kerr told host Monte Poole. “The Davis stuff was really kind of groundbreaking, I think, and hopefully not a trend because it’s bad for the league.”

Some have disagreed with Kerr’s criticism, including the former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, who took to Twitter to share his frustrations with Kerr’s comments.

Perkins then appeared on Thursday’s edition of ESPN’s “First Take” and called out Kerr’s comments for being “hypocritical.”

“When an organisation is done with a player, they trade the player,” Perkins said. “The teams have a commitment to the player the same way the player has a commitment to the team.”

Perkins used Chris Paul’s trade from the Houston Rockets to the Oklahoma City Thunder as an example that things “work both ways.”

The Rockets originally said Paul was not available in trades. When Russell Westbrook became available and tensions were reported to be “unsalvageable” between Paul and teammate James Harden, Paul was traded in the deal.

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“Nobody had sympathy for Chris Paul,” Perkins said. “Nobody has sympathy for the players when they get traded.”

Perkins said he didn’t see a problem with Davis asking for a trade, after spending seven years of his career with the Pelicans, because of the team’s lack of direction.

The phenomenon of players forcing a trade is not a new tactic. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed the topic at his Summer League press conference in Las Vegas on July 9.

“Trade demands are disheartening,” Silver said. “They’re disheartening to the team. They’re disheartening to the community and don’t serve the player well. The players care about their reputations just as much. And so that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.”

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