One of Kendrick Lamar’s producers makes beats on his iPhone — but he has a problem with the iPhone 7

Steve Lacy

Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated album “Damn.” started streaming online on Friday, and it’s already receiving lots of acclaim.

The record sounds lush, like it was carefully recorded and mastered by professionals in a studio. But one of the tracks on the record had its beat recorded on an iPhone. 

Wired’s David Pierce wrote a sweet profile of Steve Lacy, a young musician who is currently breaking out as a member of the band The Internet. He also produced the beat for the new Kendrick Lamar song “Pride” using GarageBand on his phone. 

Lacy prefers to use his iPhone, even though he has access to laptops and other professional studio recording gear.

“I like to make music wherever I am,” Lacy told Wired, saying that he made beats on his phone before he got access to professional studios. “I got this piece called the iRig, I saw you could plug it into your iPhone, they got amps on here, see what cool guitar sounds I could get.”

There’s just one problem with the iRig: the model Lacy uses needs a 3.5mm headphone jack to plug into — and the newest iPhone 7 doesn’t have one. (There’s a new model that works with the iPhone 7.) 

So now Lacy uses two phones — an older, cracked iPhone for recording guitar and bass through his iRig adaptor, and a new iPhone 7 that he listens and composes his tracks on through Beats headphones. 

Listen to the Kendrick Lamar song “Pride” below:

Watch Wired’s excellent video here: 


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