Kendall Jenner defends herself after critics say it was ‘inappropriate’ for her to wear a form-fitting cutout dress to a friend’s wedding

A side-by-side of a photo of Kendall Jenner and a selfie of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.
Kendall Jenner wore a dress with prominent cutouts to her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding in November 2021. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images/Instagram/@kendalljenner
  • Kendall Jenner said she asked for Lauren Perez’s permission to wear a cutout dress to her wedding.
  • Perez and Jenner both responded to criticism that the dress was “inappropriate” on Instagram.
  • Perez said that Jenner “looked stunning” in the dress. 

Kendall Jenner said that she asked her friend Lauren Perez for permission before wearing a controversial dress featuring prominent upper body cutouts to Perez’s wedding.

Perez, an influencer with over 417,000 followers on Instagram, was married in November 2021 in Miami. Jenner, who was a bridesmaid, attended the reception wearing a black dress from Mônot’s spring/summer 2022 collection that featured a long flowing skirt and diamond-shaped cutouts on top, exposing her midriff and parts of her chest, Insider previously reported.

At the time, Jenner faced critiques that the dress was too revealing to wear to a wedding as a guest, Insider reported. Elaine Swann, an etiquette expert and former wedding coordinator, previously Insider in November that Jenner “certainly made a mistake” in her dress selection and broke etiquette rules given that she “stood out” in relation to other guests at the reception.

Both Perez and Jenner weighed in on the controversy in the comments of Perez’s December 31, 2021 Instagram post featuring snapshots from the wedding, which she called “the greatest night of 2021” in the post’s caption.

Some in the comments once again criticized Jenner’s attire choice, with one user calling it “inappropriate” for a wedding. That comment prompted other users to defend Jenner, with one saying that “if [Perez] had an issue with the dress i’m sure kendall would’ve understood.”

Perez later replied in the same comment thread, saying that Jenner “looked stunning” and that she “loved it.”

“Obvi asked for your approval in advance too,” Jenner wrote, responding to Perez. “We love a beach wedding.”