Ken Starr Leaving Pepperdine Law For Baylor

kenneth starr

The man known for prosecuting President Clinton has been charged with presiding over the largest Baptist university in the world.

Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas, announced yesterday that Kenneth Starr will be President of Baylor effective June, according to the Los Angeles Times. Starr has been the dean of Pepperdine Law School since 2004.

Waco Tribune-Herald: Starr’s appointment as president of Baylor brings a nationally known, but highly controversial figure to the Waco campus at a time of prolonged and occasionally tumultuous transition from a teaching school to one focused on research and the pursuit of a top-tier ranking among colleges nationally.

The school has a recent history of recycling deans with ease. The most recent dean, John M. Lilley, left in 2008 after less than three years in the post marred by disagreements with the faculty. Speculations for his fast firing ranged from alleged wrongdoing at the University of Nevada (where Lilley was previously President), his Presbyterian faith, and the controversy caused by a University logo change.

Starr’s appointment to Pepperdine had its own set of of intricacies, too. He first accepted the position at the Malibu law school in 1997, but changed his mind amid Whitewater criticism. Since a spot on the Supreme Court seemed impossible, he finally took the job seven years later.

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