Ken Langone Jokes About How He'll Feel Better After Eliot Spitzer Dies

Billionaire investor Ken Langone gave a keynote this morning at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas.

When we came into the room, he was talking about a man he disliked who has already passed away.

“I’m sure I’m going to hell for talking about the dead in a not very nice way,” he joked.

He then segued into an opportunity rip Eliot Spitzer once again. Langone blasts him constantly when he gets the chance on financial television.

“I don’t like him now. But if I check in how I feel when he dies, I think I’d feel better than I do right now.”

The two certainly have a history.

Langone, a former director of the NYSE and financial-backer of Home Depot, has had beef with the former New York State attorney general for years. Langone was a co-defendant when Spitzer prosecuted former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso in 2004 over pay packages. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed in 2008.

The bad sentiment remains.

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