Actor Ken Jeong Is Pocketing A $5 Million 'Hangover' Payday

Ken Jeong Hangover 3

Looks like Ken Jeong made a smart move when he quit his career as a doctor to pursue comedy in his late 30s.

Now 43, Jeong is a part of the billion-dollar “Hangover” franchise and reaping the rewards.

For the third instalment of the successful trilogy, Jeong earned a reported $5 million paycheck — a hefty amount for playing a little comic relief.

“Ever since ‘Hangover,’ my life went from black-and-white to Technicolor,” Jeong tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“From the moment I jumped out naked from that trunk,” adds Jeong, “everything just changed.”

Before landing his “Hangover” role, Jeong was a stand up comedian whose big break was playing a doctor in Judd Apatow’s 2007 flick “Knocked Up.”

It was that gig that landed Jeong the opportunity to audition for “Hangover” director Todd Phillips.

“I really improvised a lot in that audition,” recalls Jeong to THR. “I was in character, screaming and yelling. I remember Todd saying: ‘This guy is insane. I must hire him.'”

Jeong currently appears on NBC’s “Community” and has six film projects in the works.

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