It's easier to get into Harvard than it is to get a job at Ken Griffin's hedge fund

Twenty five years ago, Ken Griffin launched his hedge fund in his Harvard dorm room.

Today, Griffin has a networth of $US7 billion and Citadel, the hedge fund giant he started, employs 1,600 people and has $US26 billion in assets under management.

In an interview with CNBC’s Kate Kelly, Griffin talked about what it takes to get a job at his firm.

He noted that Citadel will interview 10,000 candidates this year to fill 300 job openings.

“I think Harvard is a bit easier to get into. I think the upside at Citadel is a bit better.”

Griffin explained that when making a hire he wants to bring on the “best and brightest in markets.” 

“So one of the great advantages that I had in my career is I started trading 24 hours a day in my early 20s, and I had to learn to delegate to people. I had to learn to trust people, and I realised that success was going to be born in hiring really bright people — very self motivated, very able to make good judgment calls day in and day out,” Griffin said. 

“And if you look at Citadel today, that’s really the founding principle of the firm is a real pursuit of talent, a pursuit of people who have a passion for finance, and a pursuit of individuals who make good decisions day in and day out.” 

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