Here's where to buy Ken Bone's sweater before everyone beats you to it

Kenneth Bone Ken red sweaterMSNBCKenneth Bone, who asked a question at the second presidential debate.

The INSIDER summary:

• Ken Bone became a meme during Saturday night’s presidential debate.
• His red sweater is iconic.
• You can buy it for Halloween for $50.

The winner of Sunday night’s presidential debate was clear: Ken Bone. With his bright red sweater, winning demeanour, and astute question to the candidates about energy policy, he became an instant meme.

This was his moment.

GQ did some research, and you can buy his now-iconic sweater on Amazon. It’s about $50 right now.

Round it out with glasses, a moustache, and a microsphone, and you’re set.

Bone’s memedom seems to be lasting. He’s outpacing third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in search interest, and he seems poised to become an easy last-minute Halloween costume.

 His name has been carved in the annals of the internet.

Now go buy the sweater before everyone beats you to it.

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