Debate star Ken Bone explains why he's 'more undecided' than before

Ken Bone Kimmel YouTube ABCYouTube/ABCKen Bone on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

After becoming an internet sensation during the presidential debate on Sunday, undecided voter Ken Bone, with his now-trademark red sweater, went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” via video on Monday night to talk about all the attention he’s gotten.

Bone said he and the other undecided voters who asked questions to candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a town hall-style debate were not allowed to have any electronic devices from 8 a.m. Sunday morning to when they finally left the stage in the late evening. When Bone finally got his phone back, he said he had “a few thousand missed messages.”

“I started to think today was going to be a long day,” he told Kimmel.

Bone spent most of Monday on a press tour to talk about everything from why he wore a red sweater (he wanted to wear an olive-coloured suit but split the seat in his pants when he put it on) to the countless memes that have been created about him.

Kimmel pointed out to Bone that his fans call themselves “Bone Heads.”

“That’s fantastic. I’ve been calling my family that for years,” Bone said.

The late-night host also asked Bone if he’s decided who he’ll vote for in the presidential election.

“I think I’m more undecided than I was before,” he said. “This is an unusual political cycle, it’s been so negative. I try to really base most of my decisions on positive things, and neither of them have given me many.”

Bone, who says he works in coal electricity (his question at the debate was about how the candidates would craft their energy policies to reduce emissions while not harming jobs), aligns with Trump on his economic policy. But he added, “I would really hate for anybody’s rights to be taken back. We fought so hard to get marriage equality and rights expanded to more Americans and it would be unconscionable for me to see those be taken away by a Supreme Court justice appointed by Donald Trump.”

Watch Ken Bone on “Kimmel” below:

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