Ken Block's Latest 'Gymkhana' Video Is Actually Not All That Great

“Gymkhana Six,” the latest edition of the stunt driving series starring Ken Block and a souped-up Ford Fiesta, was released this morning.

The latest instalment isn’t quite as fun as the second one, which now has more than 42 million YouTube views, but it does dispense with the over-the-top craziness of the fifth instalment , which sent Block flying through the streets of San Francisco.

The fat is trimmed, but there’s still plenty of silliness. Block makes his Ford Fiesta ST RX43 2013 dance around a moving, spiked wrecking ball, and there’s more than enough slow-motion and aerial views to keep things interesting.

The disappointing bit is the role of the Lamborghinis. Teaser photos made us think the Fiesta might be going head to head with the supercars, but the Italians are used only as obstacles for Block to drift around.

They do slowly roll forward, making that drifting a bit trickier, but they could have been replaced by ageing elephants, for all their speed (actually, elephants would have been a lot cooler).

Here’s the video:

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