Kellyanne Conway says she's with Donald Trump till the bitter end -- 'unless'

Kellyanne ConwayScreenshot/MSNBCKellyanne Conway.

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had a surreal interview with MSNBC following Sunday’s second presidential debate, saying she was with the Republican nominee to the very end — “unless.”

Trump’s campaign manager quickly went back on MSNBC to clarify her remark.

“The ‘unless’ is very simple,” Conway said. “Unless someone in my household needs me or something changes in my life.”

Host Rachel Maddow followed-up, asking if she meant that it was unless more damaging tapes about Trump leaked.

“That is not what I meant,” she said.

Conway’s remarks came after a 2005 video of Trump making graphic sexual remarks was published by The Washington Post. NBC News reported on Saturday, citing a source, that Conway had strongly considered quitting the campaign in light of the remarks.

There has been speculation that more video of controversial Trump remarks might leak to the public.

A source connected to “The Apprentice” who has expressed support for Trump told Business Insider on Saturday that they were “surprised” similar stories to Friday’s leak in The Washington Post haven’t happened.

The source said the Manhattan billionaire “talked like that all the time.”

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