Kelly O’Dwyer says a miscarriage in Parliament House was a key factor in her decision to quit politics

Kelly O’Dwyer Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images

Federal minister Kelly O’Dwyer, who quit politics over the weekend, has revealed she had a miscarriage at Parliament House.

The mother of two, who had undergone IVF treatment to conceive, said the incident was a factor in her decision to resign.

“I never ever want that to happen again,” she told News Corp.

“I am so thankful to have Edward and Olivia and I don’t want to be greedy. If it doesn’t happen then I do see that as it is meant to be. But I don’t want to have a regret about that.”

O’Dwyer, the Minister for Industrial Relations and Jobs and Minister for Women, announced her resignation alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Melbourne on Saturday.

She said some critics may chose to think she has resigned for other reasons — including that she may be on track to lose the seat — but she says it was for “me and my family”.

“Like so many other families, our journey to parenthood has not been straightforward,” adding she and her husband want to give themselves the best chance to have a third child, she said.

“We need to be very realistic. I turn 42 … this year and everything has to go right.”

O’Dwyer was widely criticised for opposing the inquiry into the banking and financial sector before the Turnbull government acquiesced and set up the Hayne Royal Commission.

O’Dwyer was first elected to the seat in a by-election to replace former treasurer Peter Costello in 2009 and has held portfolio responsibilities for financial services, jobs, industrial relations and women.