The industrial relations minister says Liberals are seen as ‘homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers’

Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer. Stefan Postles / Getty Images

Industrial relations minister Kelly O’Dwyer told colleagues Liberals are regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” in a crisis meeting yesterday to discuss the party’s humiliating defeat in the Victorian state election.

The Herald Sun reports O’Dwyer made the comments in a meeting between Victorian federal MPs and Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday, called after a crushing win for the Labor Andrews government which saw significant swings against the Liberals in seats that were previously considered safe conservative seats.

A swing similar to that seen on Saturday at a national level would see the Liberal Party obliterated in the next federal election, expected in May.

The Herald Sun reported that O’Dwyer told the meeting that while being homophobic climate change sceptics was “not who we are as Liberals”, the “crusades” of some MPs were cementing that view in the electorate.

Small-l liberals like O’Dwyer and her parliamentary colleague Tim Wilson have been publicly critical of the actions of their more conservative colleagues for questioning climate change. The Coaltion’s federal energy policy collapsed in disarray earlier this year after internal disagreements, largely based on the commitments to meet the carbon emissions targets in the Paris agreement. The rebellion against the policy was led by former prime minister Tony Abbott.

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