A top EY executive who has her pulse on what US business leaders are thinking says she's not worried about a recession

  • Kelly Grier is the US Chairman and Managing Partner at accounting and advisory firm EY, and has access to insights into what businesses leaders are thinking and planning.
  • Grier says business fundamentals continue to be strong and that is what they are hearing from their clients, despite geopolitical headwinds. She says companies are investing in the future and EY’s pipeline suggests that there is a lot of optimism in the economy.
  • Despite concerns about a possible recession, Grier says the CEOs she has been talking to don’t see that in the near term.
  • When asked how companies can attract top talent in this low unemployment environment Grier says it’s about the culture. She explains that “people need to be able to see themselves within the culture. They have got to have shared values, they have got to believe in the purpose of the organisation.”
  • Grier says there is an insufficient supply of the tech and digital skills that every industry needs now. So she says it’s important for employers to be able to retrain their people. She calls this a business and moral imperative.
  • Grier’s final tip for leaders in these uncertain times is to “start with your people.”

Kelly Grier is the US Chairman and Managing Partner at accounting and advisory firm EY. Grier sat sown with Business Insider’s Sara SIlverstein at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to discuss what she is seeing from the business leaders she works with and from her company’s pipeline.

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