Self-Professed 'Gun Nut' Found Shot In The Head In Georgia

Keith Ratliff

A Georgia man in charge of a weapons-heavy YouTube channel was found shot in the head last week.

Keith Ratliff, 32, was a channel producer for FPSRussia firearms channel, an account with more than 3 million subscribers that features videos of a man testing a variety of guns.

Ratliff was found shot in the head at his business on Jan. 3, and while police don’t have a motive, they have classified his death as a homicide, reported Wednesday.

In addition to being used to produce the YouTube channel, Ratliff’s office was used to manufacture suppressors and gun silencers.

While often working behind the scenes, Ratliff did appear in front of the camera from time to time.

In one video he advocated for the right to carry assault weapons and declared “I am a gun nut,” the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations agents told WSBTV they found several weapons at the crime scene but don’t know whether those weapons were used to kill Ratliff.

Police have said they don’t believe Ratliff’s website had a role in the shooting.

While police search for a motive, Ratliff’s family told the local TV station they don’t understand how this could have happened.

“For him not to pull out that gun and try to defend himself, he had to feel comfortable around somebody. Either that or he was ambushed,” Ratliff’s brother Kelly told WSBTV.

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