Here's Everything You Missed From The Debut Of Keith Olbermann's New ESPN Show

Keith Olbermann made his much-anticipated return to television on Monday with the debut of “Olbermann” on ESPN2, the network he helped launch 20 years ago.

Maybe the best way to describe the new show is “The Daily Show” meets sports, minus the correspondents and skits. Given Olbermann’s political background, the format actually makes sense for ESPN.

But does it make sense to add legitimacy to the blossoming rivalry between ESPN and Fox’s new all-sports network, Fox Sports 1, which has already shown similarities to its sister-network, Fox News?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the debut episode of “Olbermann.”

The show opened with a Daily Show-style monologue.

Olbermann spent the first 13 minutes (yes, 13) discussing Rex Ryan, and how the media creates controversy out of nothing.

Olbermann's point on the Jets and Ryan was that 'reporting is dead.' Meanwhile, he spent 13 minutes discussing this apparent non-story.

Olbermann's first guest was fellow ESPN returnee Jason Whitlock, who was wearing a denim sport coat.

Whitlock discussed the need to police the media who attack the celebrities they cover.

Here is a view of the set, which is in Manhattan and not Bristol, Connecticut.

Olbermann borrowed some elements from his MSNBC show, including the 'worst person' segment.

He showed a TON of old photos of himself.

It was a running theme.

OK, this is out of control.

We take a break from the Olbermann photo album hour to bring you 'Keith Lights' -- basically, highlights.

During 'Keith Lights,' Olbermann noted that David DeJesus was playing for the Royals 'two weeks and three teams ago.' DeJesus was playing for the Cubs two weeks and three teams ago. He last played for the Royals in 2010.

Olbermann's second guest was Mark Cuban, who immediately welcomed Olbermann to 'the Skip Bayless network.'

Cuban was asked about how Bud Selig is handling the Alex Rodriguez situation.

And here is Olbermann in elementary school.

Now we take a break to spend 30 seconds showing some random YouTube video that has nothing to do with sports or younger Olbermann.

Surprise! It's an old clip of Olbermann from the night ESPN2 launched.

And as if the old photos and clips weren't enough, here is Olbermann wearing that same leather jacket from 20 years ago.

Now check out what some NFL stars looked like when they were younger ...

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