Keith Olbermann Wants George W. Bush To Be A Guest On His New ESPN Talk Show

Early reports are that Keith Olbermann’s new ESPN talk show will not be about politics. But according to Marisa Guthrie of that won’t stop Olbermann from having political guests (via

Among the early guests that Olbermann wants on his show is former President George W. Bush, who was a regular target of Olbermann’s rants during his previous forays into the talk show world.

Producers for the show have reached out to Bush, but they have yet to hear back according to Guthrie.

The report does say that there is nothing in Olbermann’s contract that would forbid him from discussing politics. However, any political guests will be brought on as it relates to sports. Bush is the former owner of the Texas Rangers.

Olbermann’s producers have also targeted President Barack Obama as a potential guest on the show.

Even if the intention is to discuss sports with political guests, it is hard to imagine that Olbermann won’t be tempted to stray into other arenas when given the opportunity. Of course, if he does, it will certainly be those moments that will create buzz for the new show.

Olbermann’s new show will air nightly on ESPN 2.

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